Frequently asked questions

We are confident in our method and welcome any additional questions you might have

General Questions

How long will it take me to learn a language?

It depends on the individual, the dedication, the method of study one applies, and the time you have allocated to learning. In addition, there are inhibitors to consider such the misconception that it is ‘hard to learn a language’ which comes from either personal experience or a preconceived idea. One also has to take into account what is meant by the bandied generalized phrase of ‘learn a language’. All these factors play a role in how long it will take you to reach an effective level of fluency. The answer to this question takes a lot more detailed explanation but I have learned a language with the Language Logic method in 4 weeks considering the best-case scenario of all factors above. This means, speak, read and write with a certain level of effective understanding.

How do I stay motivated when learning languages?

Different things motivate different people. This method though can be the one thing that can motivate anyone. With the Language Logic Method, the speed at which you learn is so surprising that learning with this method is super motivating in itself. I have personally experienced this and found the same with my students. There is a high frequency of smaller achievement along tis learning path so the idea develops in your mind that you will achieve success in a brief period. At the end of the course you find this certainly to be true.

Is it a good idea to learn more than one language at a time? 

This depends on necessity. Why is it necessary to learn, say, two languages at the same time? If you need to, then you do. If you don’t, then don’t. The success of such an exercise once again depends on many factors. If the idea is that you will save time – the truth is, you will not. If one is capable of such a multitask then in practice you will only learn to the extent you allocate time to each.

How long does a Language Logic study program take?

Generally, a Language Logic course is offered in 3 levels, each taking 16 hours and each level taken over a period of 30 days. Variations of this program can be set according to an individual’s availability. (See the 3 Levels of Fluency on the About page)

What is a good language to learn?

If you English is already up to scratch then the next best choices are Spanish, French, and Mandarin for reasons that have been made plainly obvious through the media, economics and also when it comes to diaspora.

How do I get started?

You will contact us at Language Logic and we will take you step by step through the process. Send us a message at the form below.

The Language Logic Method

What makes the Language Logic method different?

There are many means available on the market to learn a language. You can purchase a book, a CD pack or study online by self-learning. Most of these methods for sale are sales orientated and offer guarantees to a certain level of success or another. You have no recourse to those who present these products if you don’t succeed. Mostly these products are left on the shelf and one blames one’s own inadequacies for failure to learn the language.

There are classes you can attend but here you will find the similarities to products on the shelf. You will get no guarantee, you may spend 3 months to 2 years and a lot of money trying to learn a language.

With the Language Logic method and Lambros Lambrou we guarantee you will succeed to the levels advertised. We expect that you will see exceptional results within just 16 hours of attending class plus homework. Anywhere else this may take you 3 months or longer. We expect you to be amazed at your progress.

I find it difficult to learn a language. How will Language Logic help me?

Whether you are young or at an age where you no longer think you can absorb a language, or if you think you have a learning impairment, with Lambros and the Language Logic method you are sure learn by the easiest way that exists today. The focus of the lessons is on the most prominent of all skills which is speaking, and with speaking you will learn to read and write your target language.

I have been learning a language for two years but I still cannot speak. How is this different with Language Logic?

The problem with most methods of learning a language is that the teacher or product developers assumes too many things. With the Language Logic method we assume from the start that you know the basics of grammar in your own language or nothing at all.  We take you step by step though the beginning stages in your first 30 minutes of class and you will be already speaking in the first one hour of training. From this point onward, you will be speaking and constructing sentences and right though the course.