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General English Beginner Level 1

General English GE16 or GE24

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The General English Courses GE16 and GE24,  are a 16 hour or 24 hour per 30 day English course for Beginners.

The lessons are designed to get you to speak, read, and write English as quickly as possible. If you are already proficient to a certain level, we will help you improve to the next level efficiently and seamlessly. You will also work on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

​No matter the reason for your studies we will help you improve your English languages skills to show impressive results.

​You may find that your English language requirements have evolved – for example you many need to develop and practice your spoken English and to build your confidence.

​We offer a course that will meet those changing needs. The GE Courses are designed to improve your spoken and written abilities and to promote fluency in communication and comprehension. The main focus is on communication skills in real life settings including spoken language skills to build confidence.


One to One or One to Two

The focus of this training option is to receive classes of personalised attention and to experience lessons adapted to your pace of learning.
This option offers a customised program to suite your specific requirements.
The classes are flexible and can be offered according to your timetable.
Classes can be offered in 2 to 4 hours sessions per day.

 ​The Option:​

• One to one or one to two.
• In your company or in our classrooms
• Assessment of your present level
• 2 to 4 hours per day, up to 4 days per week
• Course designed to your specifications
• Personal documents can be incorporated into the lessons.​


The focus of this training option is to encourage the student to develop the language skills amongst other learners and promote interaction.

 The Option:​

• Groups of 3+ students.
• 2 hours per day twice a week
• Assessment of group’s level and matched accordingly
• A student can combine group and one to one lessons

 Key Information:

• Course Duration: 16 or 24 hours per week
• Level equivalent: Beginner (CEF A1 & A2)
• Maximum Class Size: 8
• Average Class Size: 4 to 8

Course Reviews

  1. Shishir says:

    Overall a nice course. Highly Recommended. Instructor is great.

  2. Sannie van Logrengberg says:

    This was a good course
    I am happy to say I have improved my English in 30 days. Great course.

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