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Quick Start English

This is an English course for those who are going on holiday, or who have moved to an English speaking country.

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The Quick Start English Courses, QSE16 and QSE24​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, are a 16 hour or 24 hour per 30 day course. This course is for those who need all the basic essentials in English because they intend to travel to English speaking countries for short period of time, or those who have just arrive to live and stay in an English speaking country.

​In this course, you will learn to pronounce English essential words, learn essential phrases, and how to respond in casual and emergency situations. In addition, if you are planning to live in an English speaking country, you will learn all relevant English for getting started at your new destination.

You will participate in typical holiday travel, business travel and new life dialogues. In this course, you will learn words and phrases commonly required by tourists, business travellers and immigrants. From greetings to deciphering restaurant menus, travelling around, taking different kinds of transport to banking. This then is the perfect course when travelling to an English speaking country.

The course is supported by multimedia lessons that will help you memorise what you have learned, to use in all situations.

Included in the course is a phrasebook containing phrases organized by subject, so you can quickly find the vocabulary relevant to the situation. In addition, you will find a 2 000-word mini-dictionary.

Course Reviews

  1. Donald Gracia says:

    Instructor teaches well
    Very useful to take this course.

  2. Philipos Efstratiou says:

    Easy for starting to learn English
    This is a really nice course and it helped me get started at work.

  3. Maria Flores says:

    Good basics
    I recommend to take this class for English

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