Business English

course content

This Business English course comprises of terminology, vocabulary and usage that is typically used in business and industry on a daily basis.
Here you will learn in general what you need to know in English to conduct your work. You will be able to ask questions directly related to the environment you work in and about the company you work for.
The main objective of this course is to learn how to use the terminology and vocabulary in English. This includes built in grammar necessary to express yourself clearly and to understand any response spoken or in writing.
The course is offered from Mid-Intermediate to Advanced level. We guarantee your progress.


Though we are based in Cyprus we are also available for training in London, Paris, Nice, Monaco, Toronto, Montreal and Dubai for for private one to one or group training sessions. Other destinations will be considered on request.


In addition, we provide live online training by webinar or conference format. Our online training takes place by means of a sophisticated online training platform with HD quality transmission. Please note that your time zone will be a consideration in conclusion of a training program.

course fees

Our course fees are dependent on client requirements and are hence concluded by consultation. We do offer a standard 16 hour course with physical presence or live online. In general, fees will depend on the number of participants in a training program, whether it takes place with physical presence or live online, and if it is in a seminar or conference setting.