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The Language Logic method will shorten your learning time and improve information retention efficiency. It will refine the way you attain language fluency in not only a shorter time frame but most important of all, in a way that makes you enthusiastic about the time you have to spend doing it.

The astonishing revelation of “learning sequencing” that has been discovered, is defined as 'Language Mapping'. “Developing your route and then branching out”. By ensuring a definite beginning and ending, knowing your origin and your destination, will help you focus on what is expected of you to achieve your goal.

The study material is separated into 3 modules with one module progressing from the other. This is termed 'The Three Levels of Fluency'. After completing the 1st Level of Fluency you will be able to read write and speak your target language. It is of such a complete standard that it may be adequate for your purposes. The levels are designed such that you can take up the next level at any following convenient time.


The three levels conform to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1 & C2. The CEFR for Languages is primarily an academic learning process where the Language Logic method concentrates primarily on getting you to speak, read, write and understand as soon as possible. We focus on promotion of employment ability, communication and competence in the real world.

The 1st Level

The 1st Level of Fluency is a complete module that will teach you to communicate by speaking, reading and writing at a standard that will permit you to be clearly understood. You may very well find that this level is sufficient for your needs or you may want to follow on to the 2nd Level of Fluency when time permits. This level is relatively easy and quick to acquire and can get you communicating almost immediately.

The 2nd Level

The 2nd Level of Fluency is a complete module that follows on from the first. This is the level that most mother tongue speakers of your chosen language use in their daily life. It is a huge jump from the first but requires little extra effort and will teach you to communicate by speaking, reading and writing at a standard that will allow you to participate in practically any real life situation in a country where that language is spoken. You may very well find that this level also is sufficient for your needs, or you may want to follow on to the 3rd Level of Fluency when time permits.

The 3rd Level

The 3rd Level of Fluency is a complete module that follows on from the second. This is the highest level and completes the series in any particular target language. Once you have mastered the first and second levels, it won’t take long for you to master the third. By the time you have reached this third and final level you will have acquired a superior standard in your chosen language giving you the best possible foundation allowing to express your capability with complete confidence.

Each course consists of several modules which are set for each course. Modules can be customised to suit the individual requirements of the student or organisation.

The Language Logic Books are based on over 10 years of study and research into what adults learning a language really need. They follow a way of learning which has been developed though practical study and learning.

Classes can be taken privately or in groups. See our courses for a more detail outline of their structures.

We promote that with our method, a student should see significant results within a 30 day period.


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We welcome you to the opportunity of changing your career for the better. For many this starts by learning English or improving their existing level.

Our TESL/TEFL Certificate trainers and mentors all have at least five years of classroom experience, as well as business experience or training in related fields of expertise.

The courses taught by our trainers are innovative, communicative and practical for your general daily use or in business. The courses are delivered in mother tongue British English.

Our teachers and trainers are committed to making a positive difference to you, your effectiveness in the English language, your confidence to use it and your motivation to improve.

They will inspire you with practical and useful task based lessons in print, audio and video helping you to achieve your goal in the shortest space of time.

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